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Distance Learning

Everything that makes the Educator and the Student NOT to be in the same room is Distance Learning! From the past we have seen postage courses, Radio and Cassette tapes. That is also distance learning.

  • Videoclips and live Video gives instant understanding. Youtube, TV and other things in our dayli live get os to use it.
  • Syncrone Smartboards
  • Homepages for students
  • Computer Programmes
Read about practical experiences (sorry in danish - but illustrated) All of positive scenarios from Greenland that could be a best case for all:
  • If children in "Bygds" (small cities) can stay longer at home with family it is both money and live quality worth!
  • Local teachers without normal education background cam be supportet by distance learning.
  • Local teachers have other competences that can be used for distance learning out of the "Bygd".
  • I you live outside the capital Nuuk. It is a major decition to study at the Universe Ilisimatusarfik, and you may bring the family to Nuuk for 3-5 years.If i.e. a Bachelor study can be mad of 5 times 3 weeks in Nuuk plus distance learning it could give more students.
In spite of our awareness of distance learning and IT-guided education, wee are only in the beginning. Classical thinking of choosing at single tool for everything is not my thinking. In my view is that everything that can support education without the student and the educator has to be inthe same room is distance learning.

I can deliver:

  • Practical Experience.
  • The small things ar often showstoppers.
  • New competences for Educators.
  • Effective education of employees.

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