IT Consultancy


At the University of Greenland Ilisimatusarfik there is a well equipped Video meeting facility.When I arrived in Nuuk it was almost not in use. The feeling of uncernticy and bad information was the primery cause.
The main masic is "Is the tecknology working properly". Next step is "Is it vital, then always a live full test!".

Next learning was that its the small things that is the showstoppers:

  • Is the videoroom reserved?
  • Telephonenumber and e-mail of the partisipant.
  • Telephonenumber and e-mail number of the technician?
  • Be on time! Just after 10 sec. with black screen the other participant think if you have got lost!
  • Have you been formulatet accurately?
    • What is your Skype-name?
    • What is the link to Adobe Connect room?
    • what is the IP number of the Video meeting room? (Ilisimatusarfiks IPnumber is standing on the website)

    At Congresses you can use the technology that make sense. Here is a conference with dubble as many partipisants outside the room. And were much more active at the questionaries.

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