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Project Management

Projects are a practical and effective way to achieve a goal by empowering ressourcea cross departments and organizations. In normal organization You are placed with a college as coach. In projects it's essensial to get into the project efficient and your project collegues are typically different from yourselves.

To get awareness of the challenges for the participants it's my routine to walk throug theese steps:

  • Why is this Project at large? If you can't say anything I always ask: Is the re money in it? Is there better Quality in it? or Are you going for completely new possibilities?
  • Where are you going? Many ask for either a Vision or a concrete Goal - I ask for both! You need a Vision with feelings about where you really want to be. And yoy need a specific goal that you can meassure!
  • Who are the Shareholders? If you don't have them ind mind, know their importance, are they against or with etc. Then you ate planning for a disaster!
  • What is actually to be done? And make a plan! Minimum 3-5 milestones and detailed plan until the first Milestone. It differs from branch to branch i.e. films and symphonies need detalid plan for it all.
  • Who is actually going to do something? And how is the total Project organization to look like?
  • What is the total cost in details?

I have several methods to do this:

  • Normal Course.
  • Kickoff for the Project Team.
  • Tailored Internal Course for a Large Compagny including internal Project model.
  • Professional Project Manager with Walk aboult management.
  • Project Onbording
  • SW Development Projects I have a lot of experiences in. I have tried the development methods in practice.
  • Coaching of Project Managers.

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