IT Consultancy


  • IT-History. Now a days common people have only maximum 3 years memory aboyt computers and ˝ year vision about the future. Thereby they have no clue about how things happended.
  • Project Management from practical experiences and Education in the real life.
  • ”Behave well on the Internet”. Internet will allways be weeker than the inside of a computer and local networks. Furthermore will an Internet connection allways be a combination of many different communication lines and the weekest decide the speed. Therefore it is appropiate to know about compression of your data - especially for commpn users.
  • Computerintroduction for common people.
  • Distance Learning - A View from practice.
  • Development Methods from The Waterfall to Agile/Scrumm.
  • ”Bad Things”: Viruses, Hacking, Phishing, Mallware etc. - Made understandable.
  • Internet's history - usability and future.

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