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Do Yuo want a guy that know the hart of the Internet and furthermore worked with it in practice - Take me! I have worked as strategycist, Project Manager, Webmaster, Processconsultant etc. For LEGO, KVIK Køkkener, Danish Foreing Minestry, CF SHARP etc.My Focus is Business Strategy, Content and Buisness Understanding. Allknow I have made a lot of homepages. I'm not a designer! My focuss is the content (Without content design is waste!). But I write HTML by hand. I know a lot of CMS systems and have experienced some good functions but also strange consequenses i.e.: 1) Basic functions like copy, print, editing demands new operation. 2) Designstandards ends with text in not readable form and pictures too small. Tasks for me can be multiple:
  • Strategy for Focus and development for the Management.
  • Project Management.
  • ”On the job” Training of Webmaster or Content Suppliers.
  • Training in Video, Sound and Photo treatment.
  • Tecnichal adn Commercial relations conserning choice of technology, hosting and other suppliers.

Development tasks

I have tried almost all development methods.There ar still good things to learn from them all.
  • "The Waterfall", inthe 70' the ambition was to foresee all that could happen. In the 80'th it was known for mowing slow towards the damands.
  • Prototyping was a way to move fast, so a user could feel the funcions.
  • Rapid Application Development. Protoyping combined with standardized 4th generation development tools it could be very fast, productive and smooth development.
  • Muckups is a good way to visualise a new idea.
  • Acting with real people is a way to visualize breaking new ideas.
  • Use Case is some cind of prototype in a paper edition.
  • Agil SCRUM is a modern way of fine fune short term development in close relation with the users.

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Viggo Liebmann Hansen
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